Headshots from a Corporate Client Appreciation Event

Will I have a choice of images to use?

The short answer is Yes! You will definitely have options… Read on for more details:

During the session we will create a number of different portraits using a combination of poses, lighting angles, backdrops, or outfits that best fit the intended use of the images.

The number of different variations will be directly related to the final number of images that you are hoping to get. For example if you only need 1 great headshot for use on LinkedIn, your company website, or your corporate marketing collateral then we will probably only do 1 or maybe 2 variations during the session. However if you need multiple portraits for multiple business uses then we will do additional setups in order to ensure that you have a good selection of images to choose from.

Following the session you will get a link to a gallery of images that you can review and select the headshots that you want to use. These will have only been lightly processed in order to ensure consistent color, exposure, and cropping. After you have made your choice then the final selected images will be individually retouched as required. Retouching typically includes softening the lines under the eyes and cleaning up any temporary blemishes, razor burn, etc. More or less retouching can be done as desired.

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Testimonial from Business Portrait Client Louise Behiel

I HATE having my picture taken and am an expert at avoiding it. But, I am starting a new company and I need to have pictures for my website and social media, so I swallowed hard and went online.

Sean's pictures were great. When I compared his galleries to others, I knew I'd have the best opportunity of a good photo shoot with him. The online booking system was easy to use. I love being able to book my appointment online.

When I got to his house, he was relaxed and easy going and that helped me relax. The process was painless and the untouched photos were amazing. I was thrilled.

The retouched photos were unbelievable. He took good photos and made them great. What can I say? I am so pleased with the results that I've been recommending him to everyone I know.

Thanks Sean. You took a painful process and made it easy and fun. And the results were the best.