Business Portrait for Jonathan Baker

This image is from a recent Headshot Portrait Session with Jonathon Baker, a Logistics Transportation Management Professional who recently relocated to Calgary. He came into my studio for a new Business Portrait for use on his LinkedIn profile and other online marketing sites.

Should you include a Headshot with your Resume??

The short answer is no, do not include a portrait in your resume or job application. Not only is it not required, but most employers don’t want it there either as it could lead claims of discrimination if they don’t hire a particular candidate. In fact most employers don’t want to see any personal information in the submissions they receive from job candidates. This includes race, nationality, ethnicity, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, and so much more.

Generally the only people that should include a headshot (or even a full portfolio) in a job submission are actors and models.

Should you include a Headshot in your Online Profile??

The short answer is yes! Definitely! Your online profile becomes a large part of your personal brand and that has to include you. Including your business portrait in your social media accounts removes the inherent anonymity of the internet and allows the reader to make a meaningful connection with you.

This also impacts your credibility and therefore it is extremely important that you have an image that looks professional and reflects your personality. More and more often our first impression of other people comes from online encounters and therefore your web presence needs to provide same impression that you want the world to take away when they meet you for the first time.

Here’s a great article that talks more about the best places that you should include your headshot.

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