Neil Scott from Edge Video

Improve the Value of your Website with a Profile Video

There are many ways to make your business website stand out from the competition. Of course one of those is to use a really great Headshot on your About page. Another way is to create a custom elevator pitch video showcasing the benefits your business can provide to prospective clients.

People love to watch video, but most won’t watch for much longer than 1-2 minutes (unless your video is amazing, but this is a video about your business, not the next Holleywood blockbuster…). Fortunately that’s about the same amount of time it should take you to tell your clients who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

Video is great for SEO

There are a few reasons why adding a profile video about your business to your site is really great for search engine optimization (SEO):

  1. Videos are “Sticky”. They take time to watch and Google loves it when people stick around on the web pages they visit. Sticky pages get ranked higher.
  2. Search engines favor pages with videos and they rank higher than similar pages that don’t have video. Most search engines also have video specific results pages, so if your site is already optimized for your target keywords then your video will appear even higher in the video results.
  3. Business videos are usually scripted; you can transcribe the video into text and include the script on the same page as your video. Google (and your site visitors) can read the text and your site will rank higher for the keywords you include in your script. It’s win-win.

There are plenty of other reasons to include video on your site, but these ones should be enough to convince you!

Edge Communications: Video for Small Business

I recently did some business portraits for Neil Scott and his team at The Edge Communications. They have a perfect product to help you create a great profile video on your small business website:

The Edge has a quick and easy way of getting your elevator pitch on full HD video, branded with your company logo and key contact information. You won’t have to wait for days or weeks for your video to be shot and edited, you’ll walk away with a completed, polished video at the end of your recording session.

Neil Scott discusses how to get cost-effective professionally produced video for your organization.

You can see in the video above that Neil’s business portrait was used on the title page for the elevator-pitch video that The Edge created to market their own business (this is a perfect use for a professional headshot).

Here are a few of the other images that they chose to use on their website and in their other marketing materials:

Business Portraits at Edge Communications (7)

Business Portraits at Edge Communications (6)

Business Portraits at Edge Communications (5)

Business Portraits at Edge Communications (4)

Business Portraits at Edge Communications (2)