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One of the value-added services that I provide to my Calgary portrait clients is that I always review their existing headshots to see how they are being used. During this free consultation I discuss it with the client to see what kind of images they are looking for and how they might be used, and I also look at their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Face accounts, as well as their company website and marketing materials. This helps me to understand where the client is coming from and what they might want to use going forward. This usually gives me the insight I need in order to make some suggestions for the style of portrait, type of lighting, and the background color.

For example if I know that all the other employees of a company use tight headshots on a white background I’m probably not going to suggest a full body portrait against a blue backdrop when the client comes into the studio. In fact, I know that my clients time is precious and so in this case I would actually have a white backdrop setup and ready to go before the client arrives so that I can get the portrait session done as quickly as possible.

Another thing I come across regularly during my consultations is that different employees in the same organization often have dramatically different headshots. In those cases I always recommend that I bring my portable studio into their office and update all of their portraits at the same time. This is a very convenient process for the organization and it is often faster and easier for everyone involved than for them to come into my studio. I have some great group rates for group headshot portrait sessions, which many organizations also love!

Dan Brozic – Osborne Interim Management

Dan came in for a new headshot for use on his profile on his company website and for use in social media and other marketing materials. Osborne Interim Management is a results-based organization that provides clients with temporary senior level management during periods of change. Dan recognized that he needed a great profile picture that would really help his potential clients see him in the best light before they even started working together.

Here are a couple of the other options that I presented to Dan, but he was pretty certain right from the beginning that he wanted a clean grey background. I love it when my clients know what they want their portrait to look like, but I always like to show them some alternatives, just in case. In this case it didn’t turn out to be necessary, but I think it still helped to go through the process anyway. If nothing else it made sure that Dan was comfortable and relaxed when we got to the backdrop that he really wanted.

Dan Brozic | Better Business Portrait

You can learn more about Dan and the services he can help you with be reviewing his corporate profile.

An innovative, customer centric retail strategist excelling in manufacturing, distribution and sales organizations. A merchandising and channel management professional who will optimize your company’s investment. An effective leader, communicator and collaborator, who builds and guides high performance teams. Brings specific skills in project management, business development, supply and distribution optimization, and third party alliance development that will add value throughout your organization’s supply chain. A critical thinker and pragmatic problem solver, with business restructuring and turnaround skills that will contribute to your bottom line.