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FAQ – Will I get to Choose the Images I Use?

During your headshot portrait session we will create a number of different options for you to choose from using a combination of poses, lighting angles, backdrops, or outfits.

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FAQ – Should I wear Glasses for my Headshot?

Here are a few guidelines for when you should and should not wear your glasses during a business headshot portrait session.

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Is Your Headshot up to Date on Google+

Google+ is the next great frontier in social media (and in search engine optimization, but we'll have to leave that for another day) and if you aren't using it then you risk being left behind in the online world. And the unwritten rules of the game are the same on Google+ as they are on Facebook and LinkedIn... You have only a few seconds to impress and wow your potential prospects and business associates.

Carolyn O’Reilly | Calgary Business Portrait

Carolyn O'Reilly | Better Business Portrait Do You Show Your Face on your Business Card? A new client came into my Calgary portrait studio last week to have a new business portrait made. She needed an updated headshot for her social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and has also recently decided to include her picture on her business cards. I find this to be a very common practice among Real Estate agents, Mortgage Brokers, and other direct sales professionals, but quite rare in the majority of other business people. I'm always curious to know how my clients make their decision whether to use their picture on their cards or not. If you have your picture on your card, please feel free to leave a brief comment explaining why. If you don't have a headshot on your card, tell us why not?? Here is a link to a great article from discussing creating a great business card: Creating a Great Business Card | Having your face on your card - whether it's a photograph, a drawing or a caricature - helps a contact remember you the next time he or she sees you. Images representing a product or service, or a benefit your business provides, can help you communicate your business better than dozens of words. A splash of color (rather than just black and white) is often helpful on a picture card, too. Genesis Vacations The client pictured above, Carolyn O'Reilly, runs a full service Calgary travel business specializing in groups and corporate travel. She is a travel consultant offering clients personalized service and travel expertise for all their travel needs. Whether it is personal or group travel Carolyn can make sure [...]

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