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Headshots for Social Media Sites

These days it seems that every small business professional has an account on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social media sites too. But it’s really hard to stay active on so many social media websites and many of those accounts get neglected. This seems particularly true of Twitter. Many use Twitter as a means to get the latest news and press releases immediately, but don’t necessarily think about the social part of the site. Having a professional photographer create a great headshot specifically for use on Twitter is an easy way to set you apart. In fact, even Twitter agrees.

Twitter offers a guideline for people to follow when selecting pictures for their account. Twitter has always been viewed as more business-like than Facebook, and the profile pictures back that claim up. The guidelines do not have to be followed, but following them leads a person to greater success in life.

Suggested Guidelines for Selecting Twitter Profile Pictures

  • Use a Real Picture – this is in response to people who select cartoon graphics of themselves. It also means professionalism is better
  • Small Space – Twitter profile pictures are extremely small, so when selecting a photograph, you will want to have just a headshot uploaded
  • Pictures Enlarge – It is important to that you do not resize your photo, as it will be enlarged when a person clicks on it. Twitter will create thumbnail photos so writers do not have to do anything.
  • Square Photos are Simpler – Twitter has a square box for the profile photo. It is easy to understand, then, why using a square photo was a wise decision.
  • No Obscene Photos – Twitter is a family friendly environment. Professional life should stay professional. Flipping the bird and other juvenile photos will not help you in the business field anyway. This is also not the place to share photographs with you scantily dressed.
  • Ask Permission – if you are using a photo that someone else created, make sure you ask permission before using it online. If you are creating a Twitter feed for someone else, make sure you have permission to use her picture on the site.

The guidelines are very simple and lax. The best photograph to use for a business Twitter account that meets all of these guidelines is to have a professional headshot photographer create one for you. The image will be tailored to your needs and show off your true personality. This is the social part of social media!

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