Headshot for NUCCA Chiropractor Dr. Mylene Hopf

I had the opportunity to visit the offices of the Practice of Upper Cervical Chiropractic to create new headshots for their entire team. They needed updated pictures for display on the walls of the office and also for use on their website and marketing materials.

“Good posture means you can do the things you want to, longer. Poor posture leads to a host of health problems and we help people stand straight so they can feel, function and live better lives, all with an adjustment that is so gentle, it feels like you are having your pulse taken.”

Migraine, headache, TMJ, neck and low back pain sufferers who have tried many different therapies and are frustrated with a lack of results are all great candidates for NUCCA Chiropractic treatments.

“We get people better, faster and our goal is long-term stability and results.”

The Importance of a Professional Google+ Headshot

Google+ is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, and one of the most important for small businesses to take advantage of. Google+ allows users to create profiles and join circles that connect them to other people. These circles can be focused around friendships, family, mutual interests, and even business. In fact, more and more people are using Google+ as a way to connect with potential clients and to find new work. Many employers are using Google+ as a way to learn about potential employees and to communicate with existing ones. If you use your Google+ profile for business related reasons, you really need to have a high quality portrait.

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A Professional Photo Equals a Lasting Opportunity

The headshot that you use on your Google+ profile will be the first thing that a potential client is going to see. If your Google+ profile picture is a vacation picture, an image of your dog or cat, or event on that dates back to a party scene from your high school days, then chances are that your potential clients are going to ignore you completely. You want a photo that shows your true personality and professionalism. You want a photo that shows your clients that you are reliable and dedicated to your work. We can provide you with the type of headshot that your clients need to see before they can trust you.

Quality Guaranteed

With our business photo packages you will receive the highest quality photos with a background that complements your look and wardrobe. The photos are retouched as required to ensure that you look your best, and you will receive High Res digital files that can be used for printing, and also a set of low res images that are sized appropriately for Google+ and the other popular social media sites.

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