Andrea Kinloch, Director of Marketing at Perpetual West

The team at Perpetual West Inc. came into my studio for headshots for use on their website and social media marketing tools. Perpetual West is a Calgary based Cloud Computing Consulting company. They help small and medium sized companies by taking the pain out of using technology to run their businesses. They work in a variety of industries with clients who want a better way of handling their technology than traditional means. Their focus is on integrating cloud systems together so that related business applications can talk to one another; this ensures taht the front office (sales) knows what the back office (accounting) is doing, and vice-versa.

Small Business Networking

One of the scariest parts of running a small business is networking with other business owners for the sole purpose of building the business. For most, networking is awkward and uncomfortable to say the least. It can be very hard put yourself out there and tell a room full of strangers where you need help. I recently read an article that laid out 24 tips that make networking easier, regardless of the scenario.

The Top 5 Tips on the List

Although the original article include 24 great tips, I wanted to narrow it down to 5 bite sized pieces of information that you can use today. The following list include my 5 favorite items from the original list of 24. Be sure to read the original article to get a full explanation of each of the 24 Networking Tips and how to make them work for you:

1. The goal is to help others
4. Do not expect anything from others
7. Do not consider anyone irrelevant
14. Introduce people to each other when possible
17. Contact at least one person a day

If you implement these ideas immediately, you will start to create connections that help you grow your business. This will not make networking less awkward, however it will make it easier to be successful.

Online Networking is Valuable Too

Before you start networking in person, you will want to build up your online network. This may include social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn Plus, and Facebook. It is hard enough to be friendly and engaging when meeting new people in person, and online networking can be even harder. It’s really hard to ensure that your warm and friendly tone come across clearly in the written word. One way to help with that is to include a great looking, high quality professional business headshot on all your social media profile pages. The better your photo, the more likely it is that people in your online network will notice you and trust you, and (even better) they will remember you when you finally meet in person.

How to Update Social Media Profiles with a new Headshot

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