Better Business Portraits

Marty came into my Calgary portrait studio to get updated business portraits for use on his website and social media accounts. He was really only looking for standard headshots (head and shoulders portraits) so that’s all we made. Marty was a little bit uncomfortable at first but after we got going (and after a couple of jokes) he got used to the camera in front of him and he relaxed. We quickly went through several outfits and made some great portraits in each. I always want to make sure my clients have a variety of looks to choose from (depending on how the images are to be used) and I usually suggest using a couple of different outfits or backgrounds. In this case Marty showed up with 3 outfits and we used all of them.

Marty’s company, Top Level Developments, is a Calgary specialty concrete formwork company. They create beautiful architectural layouts for their customers and the attention to detail is immediately obvious.

Top Level Developments believes in the fundamental principle of absolute dedication to its clients, offering a high ethical standard and professional grade products. Our goal is to be the preeminent provider of decorative and architectural concrete solutions for our clients.

This is a high standard to meet and it is important that the quality of his business portrait matches up to the product that he provides to his customers!

Is it time to update your Headshot?

It’s very important that the photo you use actually looks like you and that it represents the image you want to portray. So if you’re still using a picture from a few years ago and have different glasses or tend to dress differently now than you did back then, it’s probably time for an update.

If you would like to discuss the options available to you then I would be pleased to offer a free consultation. I will look at your existing website and social media accounts and make some recommendations about how to improve (or modernize) the look and feel of the images you are using. Feel free to contact me if you would like to take advantage of this offer.