Great Portraits are Important on LinkedIn

“If you went to a dating site and read the profile of the mate of your dreams, but instead of a tall blond, you see a blank, would you believe what that person says?”

Every job hunter, business professional, or small business owner should read the following article related to using pictures on LinkedIn:

Why You Need a Picture with your LinkedIn Profile

This is some great advice and it applies to everyone in business (big or small), job seekers, actors, authors, and just about anyone with a profile on any social network. The article is written with LinkedIn in mind, but of course it applies to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and your personal or company website too.

If you want to be taken seriously on these networks then you need to post a great picture along with your profile information.

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Mortgage Broker Business Portraits

RBC Mortgage Specialist Manpreet Sidhu recently came into my studio for an Executive Portrait session. She wanted a series of images for use on her business cards and other marketing collateral. Manpreet is a mortgage broker with RBC and she came with a strict set of photo specifications provided by RBC. I am happy to work within any such guidelines and will make sure that the photos she selects will be acceptable to the company. If for some reason her portraits are not accepted I will redo them, no questions asked…