DeVera Parkinson Business Headshot

Does Your Company Require a Certain Image Style?

DeVera Parkinson came into my studio to get a new business portrait for use on her employer’s website. The employer had a style guide that they provided in order to ensure a relatively standard look for all of the images on the site.

Although I don’t see this practice very often, it is a really great idea for companies to follow. This is the only way to ensure that all of the photos on the company website are complementary and won’t look completely different when displayed beside each other on the same page.

I even go further and always suggest that whenever possible headshots for every employee should be done at the same time to ensure that the lighting, backdrop, etc. are all virtually identical. Of course it’s possible to copy a look for a headshot, but it’s always easier to make them look the same if they’re done at the same time and under the same conditions.

If your company has a style guide for business portraits then please bring it along to your headshot session or, even better, forward it to me in advance.