Testimonials from Past Clients

Testimonial from LinkedIn Profile Portrait Client Glenn Steinbrenner

Headshots at Right Management

"Riverwood Photography provided quick and professional service for a reasonable price. I highly recommend them for your portrait needs!"

Glenn Steinbrenner

Testimonial from Corporate Headshot Client Raegan Tyshkewich

"Great session, with relevant recommendations. Will be back again."

Raegan Tyshkewich

Testimonial from LinkedIn Headshot Client Florisel Parra

"Sean was very professional, punctual, the turnaround of the photos was super quick and the final version excellent."

Florisel Parra

Testimonial from LinkedIn Headshot Client Bev McGill

"Excellent photographer who made me feel extremely comfortable who quickly followed up and made my experience extremely positive."

Bev McGill

Testimonial from Calgary Actor Barry Coppens

Actor Headshot for Barry Coppens

"I would and will be telling anyone that I know and work with that when they need a headshot this is the Photographer they need to see. Sean was very professional, had a great studio, and was very pleasant to talk with. I would recommend him to anybody."

Barry Coppens

Testimonial from Business Portrait Client Brad Sorenson

Corporate Portraits for Providence Therapeutics

"Sean was great to work with and very accommodating to our needs. The quality of his work is definitely solid and he's very responsive after the sale too. I'd definitely recommend Sean to a friend."

Testimonial from Corporate Headshot Client David Taylor

Business Portraits for Dave Taylor

"I hired Sean to do a headshot for my website and for my social media accounts. He was extremely easy to deal with, definitely an expert photographer and his studio was excellent. He took about 75 photos in less than one hour and he helped me select the top 2 out of these. Over the next few days he digitally touched up the photos and then issued them to me.

The final photos were excellent and I have received many comments after updating the profile pictures on my social media accounts"

David Taylor
Thinking Business

Testimonial from Corporate Portrait Client Giulio Mettimano

"The experience with Sean at Riverwood photography was a very relaxed and comfortable feeling making posing very at ease, full of suggestions and Sean's professionalism made the experience a success."

Giulio Mettimano

Testimonial from Business Portrait Client Kelley Smith

Professional Headshots

"We are repeat customers of Riverwood Photography for professional business shots. We were so impressed with the quality of the shots, that we asked Sean to take family photos at our home. Sean was attentive and patient with our family including three children and pets, scoping out the best locations for the shoot. Sean took many shots for viewing, and helped us select some amazing photos with the appropriate finishes/frames for our family. We would highly recommend Riverwood Photography for your photography needs."

Professional Headshots Professional Headshots

Kelley Smith

Testimonial from LinkedIn Headshot Client John Palmer

Headshots at Right Management

"I met Sean through a career management company. He provided great hints ahead of time to help ensure a great photo session. The session was excellent! He kept things upbeat even with the group of folks waiting and took the time to work with each person and make sure a great set of images were captured. Turnaround on photo selection and final touch ups was exceptional. Perfect image to use for my job search."

John Palmer

Testimonial from LinkedIn Headshot Client David Pak

"Sean did an amazing job for developing my headshot on LinkedIn. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him for your professional photography needs."

David Pak

Testimonial from LinkedIn Headshot Client Corrine Lung

Headshots at Right Management

"It was a pleasure to work with Sean! He made it easy to feel comfortable in a photoshoot. I feel he captured the balance between professional and approachable for a business picture. I am very pleased with the quality of the finished product."

Corrine Lung

Testimonial from LinkedIn Portrait Client Jeremy Heit

Business Headshots for Jeremy Heit

"This was my first photoshoot or professionally taken photos. Prior to meeting Sean, I was nervous; however, Sean makes the experience very natural, easy, and comfortable. Attention to details and professional critiques make Sean valuable to any professions seeking photos. Thanks again, Sean."

Business Headshots for Jeremy Heit

Business Headshots for Jeremy Heit

Business Headshots for Jeremy Heit

Jeremy Heit

Testimonial from Mortgage Associate Kyle Beattie

Professional Headshots for Mortgage Broker Kyle Beattie

"I needed a high quality business profile picture fast. They delivered!"

Professional Headshots for Mortgage Broker Kyle Beattie

Professional Headshots for Mortgage Broker Kyle Beattie

Testimonial from Executive Portrait Client Stephen Norris

Executive Portrait for Stephen Norris

"As someone who is not necessarily comfortable in front of a camera, nor photogenic (am always concerned at what the camera will 'produce'/'say'), this experience was actually enjoyable. Sean put me at ease immediately and engaged with me in a genuine and warm manner. The resulting photographs reflect this and I am pleasantly surprised, no ecstatic, at the outcome."

Executive Portrait for Stephen Norris

Executive Portrait for Stephen Norris

Executive Portrait for Stephen Norris

Testimonial from Corporate Headshot Client Paul Hartzheim

Professional Headshots at Right Management

"Sean Phillips demonstrated a fabulous combination of creativity and professionalism to make me look great! Thanks Sean"

Paul Hartzheim

Testimonial from Business Portrait Client Lisa Lowry

Business Portrait for Lisa Lowry

"The photo session was very easy and comfortable. Sean is very professional and made the process smooth and seamless, and the photos turned out fantastic. It was an enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to have photos done."

Business Portrait for Lisa Lowry

Business Portrait for Lisa Lowry

Business Portrait for Lisa Lowry

Business Portrait for Lisa Lowry

Testimonial from Business Headshot Client Fiona Feng

"Sean is very nice to deal with, I was actually kind of person that get nervous at taking pictures, He made the session much easier and the result is great!

Will definitely recommend ate him to anyone who needs the service!"

Fiona Feng

Testimonial from Corporate Headshot Client Jerry Borst

Business Portraits for Better Performers

"Sean took head shots of key people in our organization. He is professional, patient and thorough. Overall he did a great job!"

Testimonial from Corporate Portrait Client Jill Lassaline

Headshots at Right Management

"I am one of the many people in this world who cannot stand to have my picture taken. However, the need for a head shot had to surpass that fear of my own picture. Sean made the process fun and easy, quickly putting me at ease and coming up with great results. The turn around time to receive my head shot was remarkable. It was truly worth the morning of nerves that I had to get these shots done. Thank you, Sean!"

Jill Lassaline

Testimonial from Headshot Client Phil Harms

"I used Riverwood Photography for some head shots I needed for my LinkedIn Profile. The head shots looked good and I was impressed with the service and quality of the photos after the touch ups. I would use Riverwood Photography once again."

Phil Harms

Testimonial from Corporate Headshot Client Robin Gosling

Headshots at Right Management

"Sean, you obviously know what you are doing to get the right look and a good picture. You made it a nice experience and you did it very efficiently - very professional. Thanks very much."

Robin Gosling

Testimonial from Corporate Headshot Client Paul S

"Sean quickly and efficiently puts his subjects at ease so they look their best on a photograph. He also uses the best equipment and expertise to deliver professional results. Recommended to anyone."

Paul S

Testimonial from Calgary Marketer Lisa Genovese

Environmental Business Portraits for Bottomline Marketing

Sean is absolutely one of the best photographers I've worked with. His work is impeccable and my clients are always so happy with the result. Recently he helped me with my own headshot and I couldn't be more happy with how they turned out! Thank you so much!

Environmental Business Portraits for Bottomline Marketing

Environmental Business Portraits for Bottomline Marketing

Testimonial from Corporate Headshot Client Ashley MacDonald

Professional Headshots for Vital Posture Clinic

It was great having Sean photograph our company headshots. We had two team members attend for photographs and were in and out in record time. Sean is very personable and friendly, he gave us simple instructions for how to position ourselves, and what style of portrait would work best for our purpose and industry. We had a great time in the studio and came out with excellent photos for our website and to be displayed in office. Everything was very quick and streamlined. Thanks Sean!

Ashley MacDonald
Vital Posture Clinic

Testimonial from Corporate Headshot Client Colin Robinson

It was really nice to meet you and the experience was excellent. The photos look fantastic, thank you very much for taking the time to meet with me. I look forward to working with you again in the future and with the rest of our team.

Colin Robinson
Tower Cleaners

Testimonial from Headshot Client George Brindle

Professional Business Portrait for George Brindle

Today, I needed some corporate head shots ASAP. Sean came through with great pictures and same day service. Thank you Sean!

Give Sean a try: I think you'll be happy too.

George Brindle

Testimonial from Headshot Client Julianne Rohel

Business Portraits for Julianne Rohel

Sean impresses with his professionalism and ability to give subtle instruction so that the headshot represents you at your best.

Julianne Rohel

Testimonial from Headshot Client Francisco Gonzalez

Sean is an easy going person, you feel very comfortable while he takes the pictures, makes you feel relaxed and the results will be great, even if you are like me a total NON photogenic guy. I really recommend him.

Francisco Gonzalez

Testimonial from Headshot Client Ross Nazareth

Business Headshots for Ross Nazareth

Riverwood Photography was a professional, courteous and efficient company to work with. Working with Sean was enjoyable as he is not only skilled at photography but he is also accommodating and makes you feel comfortable, which will come through in photos. My photos were high quality and I would be pleased to use Riverwood Photography again.

Ross Nazareth

Testimonial from Headshot Client Stan Williams

I really enjoyed working with Sean. He is professional in the best sense of the word and was able to put me at ease prior to the photo shoot. He is skilled since my glasses don't have a reflection and he cared that there was a slight tint on the glasses so he took a photo without them, for later editing. The edited photos were great and the delivery was fast. Sean did a great job and I'd highly recommend him!

Stan Williams

Testimonial from Business Broker Ken Wither

Sean provided a relaxed atmosphere as he went about his business in a professional manner. As we chatted the posing was very informal.

Testimonial from Realtor Lana Radojevic

Great time, painless --as I hate having my picture taken.

Realtor Headshots for Lana Radojecic

Lana Radojevic

Testimonial from Accountant AK Ross

Working with Sean was absolutely comfortable and professional. His ability to translate my needs into reality was simply amazing! You will not be disappointed with his services. I highly recommend him!

Business Headshots for AK RossBusiness Headshots for AK RossBusiness Headshots for AK Ross

Testimonial from Lawyer Jennifer Harker

I needed a headshot done for me quickly and decided to book with Riverwood Photography. Sean accommodated me right away, and completed the photo session quickly, professionally and comfortably. I was very happy with the result and turnaround time, I would not hesitate to recommend Riverwood Photography to anyone.

Jennifer Harker

Testimonial from Headshot Client Lawrence Bernstein

Sean is friendly, easy to work with and gets great results quickly.

Lawrence Bernstein

Testimonial from Headshot Client Karen Turner

Like any hot date, I got my hair and make-up done. I laughed and felt comfortable while Sean had his eyes on me the whole time. Instead of our date ending with a kiss I got a great photo - thanks Sean.

Testimonial from Business Portrait Client Marion Hutton

Efficient and professional photographer with a easy going attitude that helps put you at ease. Highly recommend.

Business Portrait for Marion Hutton

Business Portrait for Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton
LCP Health

Testimonial from Headshot Client Blaire Hamilton

I required a social media headshot on relatively short notice and was able to get that with Riverwood. I booked online only a week in advance, the photos took half an hour and I had my final product up and posted within a week of our appointment! The final product was just what I needed. Thanks Sean!

Blaire Hamilton

Testimonial from Headshot Client Randy Gallant

Sean is the best photographer in the city without question! He just takes amazing pictures plain and simple. He is also very easy to work with.

Randy Gallant
ABCO Advertising

Testimonial from Executive Headshot Client Denise Higginson

Headshots at Renfrew Insurance

Sean did a great variety of backgrounds and poses so that we had plenty to choose from. The end result were amazing pictures and we had fun to boot!

Headshots at Renfrew Insurance

Headshots at Renfrew Insurance

Headshots at Renfrew Insurance

Denise Higginson
Renfew Insurance

Testimonial from Voice Actor Carol-Anne Day

Headshots for Voice Actor Carol-Anne Day

Sean is very professional and easy to work with. His studio is a great environment, and he makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera, I would highly recommend!!!!

Headshots for Voice Actor Carol-Anne Day

Headshots for Voice Actor Carol-Anne Day

Carol-Anne Day

Testimonial from Headshot Client Tanya McKechnie

I would highly recommend Riverwood Photography (Sean Phillips) to anyone looking for professional business headshots & group shots. He was so very professional and very personable. An absolute pleasure to deal with! The whole process from start to finish was seemless and our pictures look fantastic! Thank you so much Sean! You're a very talented photographer!

Tanya McKechnie
Renfew Insurance

Testimonial from Headshot Client George Ayee

Riverwood photography is the real deal. Amazing and professional photography at its best and most importantly very friendly and professional in what they do. I highly recommend to anybody or group interested in photography that "delivers the goods" I am very delighted with the results I got.

Executive Portraits for George Ayee

Executive Portraits for George Ayee

Testimonial from Business Portrait Client Howard Anderson

Sean's obvious knowledge and easy going manner made the portrait session a hassle free enjoyable experience. The gallery of photos was sent to me quickly and the final product was exactly as expected and delivered when promised. I would definitely recommend Riverwood Photography.

Testimonial from Business Portrait Client Louise Behiel

I HATE having my picture taken and am an expert at avoiding it. But, I am starting a new company and I need to have pictures for my website and social media, so I swallowed hard and went online.

Sean's pictures were great. When I compared his galleries to others, I knew I'd have the best opportunity of a good photo shoot with him. The online booking system was easy to use. I love being able to book my appointment online.

When I got to his house, he was relaxed and easy going and that helped me relax. The process was painless and the untouched photos were amazing. I was thrilled.

The retouched photos were unbelievable. He took good photos and made them great. What can I say? I am so pleased with the results that I've been recommending him to everyone I know.

Thanks Sean. You took a painful process and made it easy and fun. And the results were the best.


Testimonial from Headshot Client Anne Eastham

Sean is very professional in his attitude. He spent time setting up the portrait session to ensure a quality photo. I was very relaxed and it helped to capture just the right smile.

Anne Eastham

Testimonial from Headshot Client Manuela Saliba

Sean is an amazing photographer, he is able to capture the essence of a moment and transform it in a masterpiece. Manuela

Manuela Saliba

Testimonial from Lisa-Marie Genovese

Sean has done my personal headshots as well as done some commercial photography for some of my clients. His work is absolutely phenomenal, he's great to work with and I enjoy him as a colleague. I often turn to Sean for business advice and have valued his input greatly in my business. Thank you Sean for all that you do!

Lisa-Marie Genovese
BottomLine Marketing

Testimonial from Shannon Harden at Right Management

Sean has come to our office many times to complete headshots. Sean creates great pictures with the right lighting and backgrounds for everyone. Sean is professional and puts everyone at ease right away while creating an atmosphere that allows to create someone's natural smile and beauty to shine through his wonderful pictures.

Everyone who has used Sean's services has received wonderful compliments about their photo. I would recommend Sean's services to anyone!

Shannon Harden
Right Management

Testimonial from Helen Gilbertson

I can't thank Sean enough for getting my headshot done for me quickly, professionally and comfortably. He made the whole process very easy and was so accommodating. I started the session with "by the way I hate getting my picture taken" and ended the shoot laughing and extremely relaxed. And, the pictures look great. Thank you Sean.

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